Good news!!

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Martin and Smita have got engaged.  Smita, welcome to the Elmore clan - most of whom you have already met - and I look forward to meeting the Nath family.  The ring has yet to be purchased but I understand a certain geologist, Martin's cousin Elizabeth who lives in South Africa, has a good eye for rocks!! 

I am delighted and I know Graeme was thoroughly smitten by Smita.  

Many congratulations and break out the bubbly!!!!

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  1. Congratulations to Martin and Smita – break out the bubbly indeed!

    Heather · Jun 19, 09:10 pm · #

  2. Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Smita and Martin, from Holland with lots of love xx

    barbara and michael elnore · Jul 13, 07:37 pm · #

  3. Very many congratulations to you both. We may be a distance away but there’s always a warm welcome in Burgundy for all the Elmores. Happy to say that the guest room is ready.

    So good to follow the news of the family, as always.
    With much love to you all.
    Richard & Caroline

    Richard & Caroline Williams · Jul 20, 08:37 pm · #

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